Phew! What A Scorcher!

The ryte TRACK merchandise stall, made a trip down to Kranoldplatz in Nuekolln yesterday for the bi-weekly flea market. We figured out a new way to display our T-shirts using ropes, which was much more convenient than dragging a clothes rail across Berlin on the uBahn... Every time we set up the stall, it looks a little bit better & slightly more professional, so hopefully in a few weeks we should have it nailed. 

Unfortunately it was not so busy yesterday, due to the absolutely scorching heat - by 14.00 it was up to a staggering 36 degrees... So I guess most people with any sense, were out relaxing around Berlin's beautiful lakes, leaving just the die-hard vintage clothes shoppers, to take up the slack. 

ryte track t-shirt stall at kranoldplatz fleamarket neukolln berlinryte track t-shirt stall at kranoldplatz fleamarket neukolln berlin

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