Marc Bolan & T.Rex: ‘The Slider’ 48th Anniversary

On 21st July 1972, Marc Bolan & T.Rex released their amazing third album ‘The Slider’, which features the two #1 smash hit singles ‘Metal Guru’ & ‘Telegram Sam’… It’s no secret that over here at ryte TRACK, we’re huge T.Rex fans & we’ve had a Marc Bolan ‘Born To Boogie’ T-shirt amongst our releases for some time. There’s not usually a day goes by without one of their records finding it’s way onto the turntable, this album particularly contains some of Bolan’s best songs; ‘Spaceball Ricochet’, ‘Buick McKane’ and the slinky title track.

A lot of our designs are heavily influenced by 1970’s style, glam rock, platform shoes, big bold colours & crazy cult TV shows, in a never ending battle against the drab & the boring...  So as the great man once said ‘Keep A Little Marc In Your Heart’, and check out our special tribute T-Shirt.

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