Fresh T-Shirts From Printful, Latvia

A batch of freshly printed T-Shirts from Printful in Latvia, have just arrived at ryte TRACK HQ, and we're happy to say that they are the best we've seen so far. Great quality DTG printing with all the colours, super accurate to the original designs. Unfortunately we weren't able to take them outside to make any photos today, as the wind was blowing, and we didn't want to lose them on the roof of the sBahn train heading for Gesundbrunnen. 

They were intended for selling the Neukolln Flohmarkt, here in Berlin on Sunday, but sadly that's been cancelled by the authorities, because of concerns about the pandemic. Hopefully this will be rescheduled for mid-June, so stay tuned to this channel for an update. In the meantime, here's a quick preview.

ryte track t shirt selection

ryte track baseball t-shirt close up

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