Experiments In The Public Domain / Crime Must Pay

Here at ryte TRACK, we're addicted to Gold, Silver & Bronze Age comic books, especially their cover art, the louder the more garish & colourful the better. Whilst doing some deep research, it materialised that there are tens of thousands of these publications living forgotten & unloved in the Public Domain - true crime, romance, super heroes, science fiction, horror and mystery. Without copyright or trademark.

We decided to dive right in and rescue a few, to live again as T-shirts on ryte TRACK, after a little bit of a Photoshop makeover. So first off from December 1948, here is 'Crime Must Pay The Penalty' a hard-boiled, true crime, detective publication.

Would you like to see more of these in the ryte TRACK shop? If so what would be your preferred genre? Super Heroes, Sci-Fi, Horror, Crime, Romance, Supernatural? Let us know in the comments down below.


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